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SOS Online Backup has been voted PC Magazine Editors' Choice four years in a row. Superior security and ease of use makes SOS an ideal solution for home, home office, and business online backup.

Unlimited file archiving

SOS believes your backups should be accessible forever. This is why our software doesn't limit the amount of time in which you're allowed to access and recover backup. 

Backup and recovery for PC & Mac

Perform complete and secure online backup and recovery for files on your PCs and Macs. Recover them to any new computer. 

Android & iPhone backup and recovery

Backup applications, contacts, photos, videos and more. SOS is here to protect your phone's data from loss. 

File server and desktop backup with SOS for Business

The SOS for Business solution provides a cost effective total business backup solution. 

Centralized Management for Business

SOS for Business includes a robust centralized management dashboard. This administrative portal allows IT managers to perform backups remotely, report on backups, provision accounts, and more.

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What Others are Saying

SOS gives me great peace of mind knowing that all my different work and personal computers are being regularly backed up. It also gives me a way to access important files when I'm out of the office.


SOS Online Backup may be the very best way to protect your precious personal data, storing secure versions offsite. Now it's faster than the competition, and Facebook backup and good iPhone and Android apps are worthy plusses.

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